Nichijou Episode 1 – First Impressions

Lol, wut?

God bless, I don’t really know how to describe this show, but I’ll try. So, we’ve been treated with another slice-of-life comedy, that quite honestly, I liked a lot better than previous attempts (K-on, Hidamari Sketch). I think it’s because this is pure nothing, just things in life and how we always put such huge emphasis on things that are completely insignificant. Like the sausage sequence, which takes the “Three Second Rule” to the extreme, and Yukko wondering if the principal knew his jokes were bad, but he still said them on purpose.  Most everyone can relate to having some deep introspective opinion on something so stupid and trivial; just today I spent the better part of half an hour wondering how the music industry chooses the next Justin Beiber, and played out scenario after scenario in my head of how it could happen. This anime seems to exemplify what life really is; a collection of things that we find interesting or appealing to ourselves. Well, didn’t mean to get all philosophical, but couldn’t help it. Also the show is really crazy, in a good way I suppose, and it has that bare-minimum art style that seems to have been adopted by every slice-of-life anime since the dawn of time.  Some parts were actually pretty funny, and believe I even chuckled a few times, (quite a feat, my toleration of humor is rather stout, takes a lot to make me laugh).

Watch it up in Here


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