IS: Infinite Stratos – Review

Mechs? Pshaw.

Have you ever wanted to witness the pure concentrated escence of mediocrety? Well, now with IS: Infinite Stratos you can. The story and characters are teribbly chliched, and several things are hardly ever explained, but it’s not completely unenjoyable, even if it’s to laugh at how lame it is.

In the world of IS a new type of superweapon called… IS’s derp, have been developed, however, they can only be operated by girls (does it come as a shock to discover it was created by a girl?). However, a boy named Ichika accidentaly disscovers that he is also able to operate these weapons as well and is sent to a school to receive special training for his new found ability.
Naturally, this is and all girls school.

Obviously you can see where the story goes from here, and several girls instantly fall in love with said boy, wanting to give up their virginiy to him mere days after their first encounter with him. You have your standard archtypes for the harem genre, and all things happen that you would expect (and if I need to go into any further detail, you probobly have never watched a harem anime before).

This being a Mecha anime, you’d at least think this would have cool robot battles or somthing of that nature, but alas, it falls short in this category as well. The mechs aren’t really mechs, but a type of suit, which made it seem kind of a step down form things like Gundam, and even Gurren Lagann. Also I didn’t much care for the CG animation used while the mechs are fighting and seeing every major event take place in that same stadium got old rather quickly. No real danger is ever faced because for the most part, the characters are having competions with each other in tournaments or excercises. Whenever anything of actual danger appears, it is NEVER explaind, they merely state that it is an unmaned IS.

One thing to be noted is that almost all of the potential love interest are VERY tsundere like. Houki and Rin and the epitome of said character type. Laura is as well, but for the most part is more serious and formal. Cecilia also fills this role, although not to the extent of the others. The only saving grace to any of the characters is Charlotte, who unlike everyone else, is rather normal with her relationship with Ichika (for the most part at least) and is the only girl I didn’t want to dropkick the whole time.

I found this show to be very boring and cliched beyond what I could stand. However, if you enjoy rom-com harems, there is a good chance you will find some enjoyment out of this series

  • Story – 3
  • Art – 6
  • Sound – 4
  • Character – 2
  • Overall – 4

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