Not an otaku

Welcome to my non-otaku anime themed blog, home of anime reviews and news in a non-fanboyish light.  For as long as I have been a fan of anime, I have tried to stay away form the life of fanboyism.  I shunned Romance AMVs and scoffed at anime such as Bleach and Naruto, with their ridiculous plots, and underdeveloped characters; instead, I found enjoyment of the true anime.  Shows such as Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion were the anime of my childhood, and as a result, I crave anime with good story and characters, and fortunately have found some deliverance from the OMFGKAWAIIDESU~!!!!1!ONE!! of todays time in anime such as Eden of the East and Bakemonogatari. I will be keeping up with new anime starting with the spring season of 2011. I plan to make posts of my first impressions as well as reviews and news on the shows as the finish. Obviously, hilarity will ensue and everyone will have a good laugh and be more informed at the end of the day.


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